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Working On Pricing Post

Plus Working On Workshop Stuff

Last Call for the October Online workshops that are starting. Still room in all of them.

Online Workshops

I will announce officially with description the new online Novel Structure workshop tomorrow while posting the November workshops. Actually I now have workshops posted out until April for those thinking of taking advantage of the Kickstarter workshop specials. There are some slots that say (TBA) for new workshops to come along.

This Novel Structure Online Workshop will not be a “how to outline” workshop, but instead a workshop to teach you at a deep level the structure of novels. In numbers of genres and with different types of teams and in general.

I also had fun tonight on the Book Pricing post. I went back to one I did in 2012, five years ago and brought it forward and I am doing a compare and contrast of what I was saying then and what is happening here in 2017. Interesting changes and a ton that hasn’t changed. Stay tuned. Coming in the next day or so.

Website Issues

Should be all cleared up. I might have some future issues with this theme, but that can be fixed easily with a new theme. But this website and WMG Publishing websites are all supported on dedicated servers. Two of them, actually. And one file in the operating server sort of got out of hand and clogged up the works and it took us a few days to clear it out. But fixed now we all hope.

If you sent me an email in the last three days and I didn’t respond as I normally would, please send it again. The website issue crashed the email as well.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter

We went past the first stretch goal in five days, which means that everyone supporting the magazine will get an extra issue on your subscription.

So as of now, everyone supporting the Kickstarter will get Issue Zero, plus the first five regular issues of the magazine for a one year subscription. Fun.

Thank you everyone for the support. And if you are thinking of taking a workshop in November, you can get it at a discount for the next two weeks through the Kickstarter. These Kickstarters (Pulphouse and Fiction River) are the only times we discount the workshops and lectures.

Also, we brought back the Strengths workshop just for the Kickstarter as well. It will not be open after that. So if you want Kris and I to look at how you are doing with your craft or your business or your sales or all three areas, grab those workshops through the Kickstarter.

And remember, you can take the workshops at your pace when time allows. No time limit on when you use the monthly workshop credits or start the Strengths workshops.

Any questions on the workshops or Kickstarter, just write me.