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Yes, 2020 Decade Ahead is Now 2022

Amazing What That Pandemic Did To So Much…

I will get to changing out the introductions and the descriptions to reference 2022 in the Decade Ahead classes, but more than likely not while this sale is going on. But as I said last night, it will last all of 2022. So yes, to answer questions, signing up on The Decade Ahead 2020 classes gets you the 2022 classes and all that was done back in 2020 as well.

I will be updating another class that got messed up. Shared Worlds. All the videos are there, of course, and Cave Creek is doing well and those three anthologies were wonderful. At some point this fall in the Shared World Class I will ask those who wrote stories but didn’t make one of the anthologies where their story is at now.

And through that class, at some point I am thinking and working on a special focus issue of Pulphouse Magazine that is Cave Creek. Not all the stories, but a section of them that later could be put in a reprint book and make the authors even more money. I will also be lecturing more on shared worlds and adding more videos to the class. So that class, even though delayed by the pandemic, will expand through the end of this year and into 2022 as well. Too much fun not to. And it is still possible to jump into that.

Just check it out on Teachable.

And remember, if you are going to grab a workshop or class, hit purchase and then on the next page put in the code THELASTSALE and you will get it for half price.

For a ton of information about the last pandemic sale, click this. It is a few blogs back.

And one more time, Lifetime and Challenges are also half price.

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  • E. R. Paskey

    Thanks for the updates on these classes, Dean. I am really excited to hear about both of them. I’ve been wondering what would happen this year with the Decade Ahead class, given everything. I wish I had known five or ten years ago what I’ve learned from you and Kris in workshops, etc. in the past few years, but I am excited about the future and all of the possibilities open to us.

    Also excited to hear Cave Creek will extend even further. I’ve really enjoyed it!