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A Day To Rest

Well, Sort Of…

I got thinking back to the last time I took a day off and neither Kris nor I could remember. Maybe a year? Maybe longer.

And realize I don’t mean working five days a week. I go at this stuff from right after I get up to early hours of the next morning. Seven days a week.

I haven’t even played a hand of tournament poker in over a year. Seen a few movies, ran in a few runs, but then I would go right back to work.

And I am not calling my fiction writing work. That is actually the fun time of the day, but as many of you have noticed as I write this book out here in public, that fun time is often just an hour or so.

Now understand, I am not complaining at all.

It was just a realization, so today I tried to take some time not sitting at this computer or thinking about exercising or anything else. Just sort of mental resting. (And resting my eye.)

Sort of worked. I managed to stay away from the computer for all but two hours. And didn’t push to get steps or anything. Mostly just took naps and watched some television.

But feeling better. I tell people that they have to take time off. Yet I love what I do so much, I seldom do that myself. I force my employees to take time off for themselves and their families, but Kris and I seldom do. Kris wears a sweat-shirt at times that says, “What’s a Weekend?”

And I often have no idea what day of the week it is. And why, except for eating in restaurants and decontamination every time I come in from outside, this shelter in place is no different from my normal life. Any freelancer will tell you that.

So rested today and will be back at it tomorrow in normal fashion. I got a lot of reading to do on the challenge to finish up and some on the Messed Up stories for Pulphouse, and tomorrow starts the Study Along Short Story workshop.

So great fun.

But also today it was good to try to rest some. Hard for someone like me. Really hard.

Felt wrong, actually. (grin)

Now, some of you might not have heard that Kris’s Diving series is half price at the moment and the first book, Diving into the Wreck is free. Just finished a big Bookbub. So if you have always wanted to read the series, now is your chance. And here is a nifty little promo video Gwyneth at WMG did and put on YouTube.


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  • Harvey

    Same here re 24/7/365. Very seldom take a “day off” and when I do I’m chomping at the bit to get back to the ‘puter and the next story. It’s an enjoyable frenzy. (grin)