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Creative Nonfiction

Doing a Class On Writing Creative Nonfiction…

It’s one of the special classes we do that you can only get through the Writing Bundles Kickstarter Campaign. It will never be available in the future anywhere outside of a Kickstarter campaign.

Now, considering how much Kris and I write creative nonfiction, I am surprised we never thought of teaching a class on it before. In fact, some of my writing books that are in the Kickstarter Bundles are written in a form of creative nonfiction style. The clearest of that certain style is the Writing a Novel in Five Days While Traveling.

But I also wrote an entire book about the terrors of getting to the first tee in golf, plus I added a few of my own real golf stories, like the day I almost had to play a round of golf with Bob Hope, but thankfully ended up playing with McClain Stevenson instead.

It’s all in that book. All true, but written as creative nonfiction.

So folks, don’t miss this very special three-week workshop. The price is $150 and you have the choice to take it starting June 2nd or July 7th.

And if we hit the second stretch goal on the Writing Bundles Kickstarter you will get a copy of my creative nonfiction golf book as a free stretch reward.

(And I will be back reporting progress on the Cave Creek novel tomorrow. Been writing on the book, will report it all tomorrow.)