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Card Sharp Silver… Day 14

Ramping Back Up…

The day was swallowed by a ton of detail stuff, mostly business.

Made it to this computer around 11 am and did email and some details on this web site fixes. Also some work on the Cats Bundle (see below) and some work on the Cave Creek Kickstarter, which ended successfully. Yeah! And thank you, everyone, for supporting that project. I promise it will be some fun. And surveys will go out soon.

Then Kris and I headed out around 1 pm for a long walk (about four miles total) to run an errand and then picked up take-out lunch on the way back. A ton of people out walking, almost no cars. So when another couple approached on the sidewalk, we went out into the street or they did. This distancing thing is interesting.

So after lunch I had a quick nap, then back on business stuff. That swallowed the rest of my afternoon and by 6 pm I took another short nap, then cooked dinner and watched an episode of a show called For All Mankind which is a Ron Moore show. Alternate history. No spoilers or comments, please, we are only on the second episode. Considering I was 18 and trying to stay out of Vietnam when all the first events of this show happened, it was tense. Or actual history of this show’s alternate history.

Evening was more business, another walk for steps around the building, then a ton of work on workshops.

I have brought back Romance and Attitude workshops for April. So the April and May list of workshops available is now these:

Class #31… April 7th … Endings in Fiction
Class #32… April 7th … Attitude in Fiction
Class #33… April 7th … Writing Romance
Class #34… April 7th … Writing with Speed
Class #35… April 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #36… April 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #38… April 8th… Licensing 101
Class #39… April 8th… Information Flow

Class #41… May 5th … Writing Romance
Class #42… May 5th… LICENSING 101
Class #44… May 5th … Writing into the Dark
Class #45… May 5th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #46… May 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #47… May 6th … Writing Short Stories
Class #49… May 6th… Writing with Emotion
Class #50… May 6th… Advanced Depth

For a full list of coming workshops through August, just click on Online Workshops at the top of the page or off to the right.

So finally, at 11:45, after watching a show and the local news, I made it to the writing computer for the first time in two days.

Slow start because I had to cycle back a few thousand words to get the book back in my head, but once I did that I managed about another thousand words before coming to write this blog.

So back writing. I thought for a bit it might take a day or so. As we all know, this world is nuts right now. I’m having no issue writing, just scary busy so not giving the writing time, but I think that is finally ending. We shall see tomorrow. (grin)

And don’t forget to grab the Storybundle/cats that Kris put together, or if nothing else follow her posts about it on Facebook. She is using our two cats in all kinds of situations.

And make sure you read her business blog this week about taking care of yourself. A great one.