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Not Much Done… But All Good

Sometimes we all just have days when a ton of things go really well, but because stuff is going so well on so many fronts, you end up with nothing done you really wanted to do.

Yup, had one of those days.

Some business news this morning that won’t pay off quickly, but will be a fantastic windfall later in the winter. Took time, phone calls, and worry to be near the phone all day, but worth it.

Great publishing news from Allyson about some other business. That news is going to save us a ton over time and make things so much easier, and it shows how large we have grown. Great news, no real time for me spent, other than cheering. Both of those are WMG Business I don’t want to talk about, so put up with the vague-crap. Sorry.

Cleaners here… Early… Had to get out of the place faster than I expected. Stressful, but good news. Love having this place cleaned and they are fantastic. (Cats don’t much like them.)

Got the car into the shop for a smog thing (appointment while cleaners here), no issue, went to a great new place we had not tried for lunch, got back to the dealer and car was ready and only $40. This is a fairly new Cadillac and nothing is only $40. (grin)

Cleaners done when we got home. All perfect.

Kris’s Diving Bookbub is doing very well. Super news.

Nap and a long dinner watching news. Then Kris and I spent a couple hours recording the last of the videos for the Starter Kit. I am sort of interviewing Kris about each of the ten series included in the Starter Kit Kickstarter. I will have them all up tomorrow and everyone who backed that campaign will get all of them on Friday. Really fun talking about writing, although not sure if anyone but me and Kris are going to enjoy them.

Out for a walk (inside the building because too hot inside, so we walked around a floor, which is a full block around) got my last three-thousand steps for the day, and then back to watch the last episode of SLOW HORSES. That was a dark, but fantastic show.

So no writing, nothing on any other work I wanted to do, but wow was the day full all the way through and a lot got done. All great. Sometimes that just happens, and I told you about it because damned if I could think of anything else to blog about. (grin)