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A Bunch of Kickstarters

I Push Different Kickstarters For Writers…

If a person is on the free Kickstarter for Fiction Writers class on Teachable and starts a campaign and lets me know, I try to look at it (and I often back it) and then I write a group letter to all the others in the free class telling everyone about it. There are about 1,500 writers in that class, so sometimes it helps some. (This is that letter.)

And I focus on what writers should study about each campaign. If the campaign doesn’t work, I won’t list it, and sometimes a campaign ends before I can get it listed. Just my schedule issues on that.

I rank fiction campaigns from Small Campaigns (designed to make $5,000 or under), Medium Campaigns (designed to reach from $5,000 to $50,000), and Large Campaigns (over $50,000 sought in the design.) I also say if I see something wrong or hurtful to the campaign and I say if there are some really great new ideas as well. I only list fiction campaigns.

So I am doing one of the group letters and thought since a number of the campaigns, including one I did, are in their last days, I would also put all the information on my blog to try to help the campaigns more. Also, this is the most campaigns I have ever listed at once.

Here goes…

Wanted by a Texas Ranger by Kathryn Kaleigh. This is a really nice small campaign for a historical western romance that for some reason stalled out and is very close, but there is only 36 hours left. This is some good reading if you like romance, and worth studying for small campaigns. Back this one and get it over the top, but do it quick.

Streams to Ashes by Diana Gardner. This is a really nice fantasy small campaign that is doing very well, even hitting stretch goals. If you love this type of fantasy, you will love this series. Study it for how she did it, and back it, but don’t wait too long. Only about 40 hours left on this one.

Ivory Trees: A Diving Universe Novel … Campaign by Dean Wesley Smith. Actually this is WMG Publishing, and Ivory Trees is a Kristine Kathryn Rusch novel in her Diving Universe. It is a medium-sized campaign with all kinds of Diving products, books, and workshops for the writers. It is doing well, hitting stretch goals, but don’t delay on this one. Only 48 hours left.

Sugar and Vice by Melissa Yi. This is a really innovative and fun small mystery fantasy campaign that is doing very well. Melissa not only mixes the genres as she does in a lot of fiction, but she also mixes in photos with art with graphics and has some creative awards. Take a look at this one, folks, to get some fun ideas of what is possible and back it.

The Duke’s Christmas by Fiddlehead Press. This is a sweet holiday Victorian Christmas romance by professional writer Anthea Lawson. This is a really clean and well-done small campaign and it funded quickly. She offers other holiday books and nifty rewards. A campaign worth studying and backing if you like stunningly well-written historical Victorian romance.

The Trinad by Anne Mollova. She calls this young adult, but it feels like very adult fantasy. Great covers, lots of art through the story, good rewards. Really well done small campaign that funded quickly and is doing well. Worth studying and backing if you like this kind of fantasy.

The Spy at the Embassy Special Edition by  E.M. Paskey. A nice small campaign for a spy novel. The campaign is clean and done well and has things other small campaigns should study. Worth taking a look at and backing if you like this kind of fiction.

Divine Crimes by C.J. Cannon. This is for an omnibus of three of her series books. Striking header on the small campaign, but makes sense when you look down in the story for the books. Great art, clear presentation. And she adds some good, logical rewards and also even has some stretch goals. Worth studying and backing if you like this kind of fiction.

The Ragnarok Prophecy by Matt Larkin. This is a medium-sized campaign for three really deluxe editions of his series. Leather with beautiful maps and art and boxed set and everything. He set a high funding amount, but given time he should hit it I hope. Always better to set an amount you can hit the first day and then Kickstarter helps you. But this one is worth studying to see what makes it a medium-sized campaign.

Help all these great fiction campaigns out, folks. Some great reading.


  • T Thorn Coyle

    Thanks for posting these here Dean! I’ve backed some of these already but had missed seeing some others.

    I also like your categories. Turns out I’ve got a knack for medium sized campaigns–all of mine so far–which suits me fine! I feel like I’d need a lot of extra help to run a big, splashy campaign.

    The other thing I like about these categories is that several of us try to encourage folks to run the small campaigns because it means you’re either launching books in the black, or reviving old catalog for a new audience. Too many people think small campaigns are a disappointment. I think they’re a terrific way to make back publishing costs and reach new readers.

    At any rate, your Kickstarter encouragement has been a boon to my publishing business.

    • dwsmith

      I agree, Thorn. I think the small campaigns are fantastic. The medium ones are great as well. I’m with you on the larger ones. Takes a special project, a lot of fan support, and a ton of work.

  • E.R. Paskey

    As Kathryn said, thank you so much for the knowledge, support, and encouragement! All of my campaigns have been small, so far, and they’ve all been for brand-new books. It’s been so exciting to launch them in the black. (Granted, occasionally nervewracking when waiting to see if a campaign will fund, but that’s part of the fun, I think.)

    Eventually, I’m going to experiment with backlist, but for now, Kickstarters are a fantastic way of getting both new readers (or getting new books to established readers) and getting some income prior to the books’ actual publication dates.

    Not to mention I’ve found a bunch of new books to read myself as well. *grin* Such an exciting time to be a writer and a reader!