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March Workshops All Available


Except for one special addition, here are the March workshops that will be starting up. There are some good ones.

And the resurrected Classic Workshop this month is Writing with Pulp Speed. It is a regular workshop for just this one month only. And note that four new Collection Classes are starting up and also the new Advanced Craft class.

And another note: You really should open your email from me in the Teachable system. Just saying… (grin) And if you don’t get the Teachable emails because you have it turned off, turn it on and then write me.


  • Class #24… March 7th … Writing into the Dark
  • Class #25… March 7th … Teams in Fiction
  • Class #26…March 8th … Depth in Writing
  • Class #27…March 8th … Applied Depth
  • Class #28… March 8th …Killing Critical Voice
  • Class #29… March 8th …Reaching Pulp Speed
  • Class #30… March 8th …Advanced Depth


You put together a full five story collection on the topic, including writing the stories one story per week. I am there to help you with every step and the 9th week you have a published collection. Super Fun!

The four topics for March/April classes are:

  • Creatures Collection Class
  • Spies Collection Class
  • Heroes or Heroines
  • Fantasy

And note: if you turn in all assignments during the nine weeks and publish the collection, you get a Pop-Up class of your choice as a bonus.


  • Advanced Character Development.

A very advanced class on character that runs for 9 weeks. You need Depth basic class and maybe one or two other of the Depth classes to take this. Having the Classic Character Development regular class would not hurt either.

You can also buy all six of them going on in the first year. They will repeat next year.