Challenge,  Licensing

Day Three of Licensing Expo…

I Am Totally Beat Up…

Sensory overload, far, far too much conversation, and way, way too much walking.

But Kris and I had a great conference, especially with all the business garbage we are dealing with, so we did not go in as prepared as we had hoped to. But still some great meetings and contacts and steps forward in new licensing deals.

And I found my sock distributor. (grin) This was a lark. I had been joking that I wanted to find a company that could get our brands on socks and get them into the sock stores and other markets all over the world. Hah, not so much a lark after all. Great meeting today with them and we are set to send them five or six of our brand pitches to see what their sales force thinks. Not only for socks, but a bunch of other cool stuff. That could turn into nothing or some real money, all because I was joking around.

And that was not the best meeting by far. So a good conference.

And had a great dinner tonight with Loren and Heather Coleman and their family and one of Loren’s game designers. Loren and I talked Kickstarter, of course. (grin)

I will get back to talking about branding here shortly since every-other-word in this expo was “brand.”

I am now going to go face-plant on the bed and get a full night’s sleep for the first time in a week.


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