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20 Books Convention Starting

Yes, I Am Presenting…

Two different talks on Wednesday and then a panel in the afternoon with the director of publishing of Kickstarter. Going to be fun. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends the next few days. Had a wonderful pizza dinner with Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta this evening to start it all off.

So Kris is giving a presentation tomorrow morning, then I have the three things on Wednesday, then Kris has another on Thursday. So I you will see us around the convention.

And speaking of in-person conferences, there is now three openings in the January craft workshop Kris is teaching on Fantasy Caper. Going to be a fun one. Reading list is up as well as hotel information for those attending. Three spots open. Write me for details.

Go to for more information on those and online classes.

And if you want to see me being silly in front of the movie camera at the last 5K race to the tune of YMCA, go to Kris’s Facebook page and click on all the post with all the pictures of the race. In the comments is the video. I have no idea what got into me. (grin)

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