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Lectures and A Panel Today


At 10 am I do a talk about Writing into the Dark. That should be fun and will leave time for questions since the topic sort of begs to allow them.

Then after lunch I am doing a talk about how to stay productive over a long period of time. So, so, so many writers burn out in a couple years or five years, or more likely they are gone in ten. How am I still here after selling my first short story in 1974? Yeah, that’s going to fit in 40 minutes. (grin)

Sadly, most writers are so short-sighted, I will be stunned that anyone attends that one.

Then the next hour I am on a panel with Kevin Anderson and a couple others and the head of the publishing department on Kickstarter. Missed meeting her today, so looking forward to that.

I am learning a ton this year, thanks to great conversations with other writers. Looking forward to more learning.


  • Xander Koolen

    I would love to watch a recording of your talk on productivity over the longer term. Do you know if one will be available afterward?

  • Sean McLachlan

    I learned a ton at 20books Madrid earler this year. The advice I got on Amazon ads have made me thousands. If anyone reading this hasn’t been to a 20books conference, GO!
    It would be interesting to go to the talk about staying productive over a long period. I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I guess maybe I should stop worrying, but as I ramp up on my word count and advertising, I sometimes worry I might burn out.

  • Desikan

    Hi Dean,

    Great to see how active you and Kris are. Watched Kris in the panel of high powered authors in the youtube link of 20kevents from couple of years ago, just amazing.

    Some of the videos I watched from authors there were reiterating what you were always teaching about craft (use all senses…), new world of Indie publishing etc..

    Continue your good work.

  • Sam Linton

    You did an awesome job and dropped the mic at all the right moments! lol Seriously, though. i was so glad to actually meet you in person. Thanks for being so truthful with writers for so many years.

    • dwsmith

      Well thank you, and managed to not destroy the mike at all the second hour talk. Great meeting you as well and putting a face to the name. Maybe run into you later today.