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Decade Ahead Classes…

Up Early In The Morning…

So just a quick note about the Decade Ahead quarterly classes.

We started off fine in the first quarter (at least the first part of the first quarter) of 2020. Then pandemic and not a person, including me and Kris, had any idea where things were going.

So by May of 2020 we had extended the Decade Ahead through all of 2021, thinking by this year we would all know how this was going to shake out. Well, nope.

Half the world is still stuck in pandemic, but things in licensing will open back up in 2022 (and are starting to now).

The pandemic has made some major changes, or actually accelerated major changes in publishing.

Kris and I are just getting a handle on it all. So into the third quarter, we will start doing updates in The Decade Ahead third quarter this year, and even more in the fourth quarter, then for one more time we will start the entire thing over in 2022.

That’s right, THE DECADE AHEAD four quarter classes will all be fresh starting in January 2022, just six months from now. And we will go the entire year.

We will put all the videos we have done into a 2020 file where those signed up can still get to them, maybe compare some of it, but the ten years in publishing after this pandemic are going to be epic for writers. And Kris and I will spend an entire year looking ahead in those classes.

Wanted to announce this now with this final sale going on so you can get them at half price if you want to jump in. I will do some update videos in all four about the restart in January 2022.

They will be great and a ton of fun.

The explosion of what some are calling The Creator Economy after the pandemic is going to be amazing and a boom for writers. And Kris and I will polish up our crystal balls and help you focus ahead, a decade ahead. The future is very bright for writers. Not for a lot of jobs and places in the world, that we understand, but indie writers are like the pulp writers in the depression. They will often be the rich ones going forward.

Jump into the Decade Ahead four quarters on Teachable and don’t forget to put in THELASTSALE code to get them at half price.

Now off to get some sleep.


  • Catherine

    So, if we want the decade ahead classes for 2022, should we sign up for the 2020 ones, or will there be new ones to sign up for?

    • dwsmith

      Yes, the 2020 ones. Those are the ones extended into 2022. I have not had the time to change the description yet. (grin)

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Hi Dean, I just signed up for the Decade Ahead, but I also planned to do the Master Class. How much of an overlap is there between the two, and how much of a time commitment does it come to for both of them combined? Thank you.

    • dwsmith

      Master Business Class will appear right after the sale is over and will start up in July. There will be very little cross-over between the two and you will have more than enough time since both classes are a year long. Very few deadlines in either class, just a ton of information. So no time worries doing both at all.

  • Laura E

    Fantastic news! I cannot wait to hear your insights on how writers can make the most out of the booming Creator Economy over the next decade.