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Writing Update

Some Stories and Progress on Card Sharp Silver novel…

I’ve been kind of dinging along on the Cave Creek novel, doing a couple thousand words per night. Also doing some cat stories with my new series character Pahket Jones. She’s in the Poker Boy universe and so far he has appeared in one of her stories and she has appeared in a new Poker Boy story.

I’m having fun. Hard not to in the Poker Boy Universe.

The Cave Creek novel, Card Sharp Silver, will not only be in a future issue of Smith’s Monthly, but will be sent to everyone for the Shared World Class, along with some bible notes.

I have turned in a number of books lately. Making a good dent in the twenty I wanted to get turned in. Plus I am working on putting together a mystery bundle. Great fun on that as well, and I had Allyson add two more books to my list the other day. So fun busy, that’s for sure.

Also working on the next Kickstarter Campaign. Holiday Spectacular. Stay tuned. Second year of that really fun idea.

So hoping to finish up the Cave Creek novel this week or weekend. Depends on if a I get a burst of writing energy. I will do an update in the Shared World Class when that happens.

Also, Collaboration class will start in one month, right after this stupid election is finished.

Back to my writing computer.


    • dwsmith

      Nope, just did the last two after midnight. Haven’t done one for the 7th yet. That happens. Sometimes I do one before midnight, the next night I do it after midnight, so the dates skip. But the streak is still alive and going fine.