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Having Fun In Week #2…

Of the Making Money Workshop…

I just spent the last few hours recording the second week of Making Money with Your Fiction Writing Workshop. Oh, my, I think I was punchy. (grin)

But for me it’s a fun topic and I was having fun.

I also realized while showing off an issue of Smith’s Monthly that by the time #45 comes out, it will be 2021, and Issue #44 came out in summer of 2017. Wow, 3.5 years between issues. Sort of been a crazy time, that’s for sure. But I am so excited about bringing it back. I have about eight or nine novels done and waiting to go in it, plus a good fifty or more short stories, so I got at least nine issues and that’s without writing another word in the next year.

So that is going to be so much fun. See if I can go another 44 issues in a row without missing, maybe more.

Also getting the next five issues of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine set and ready to go. #10 is already turned in and is a special issue, the next five will be headed there shortly. We are going to six issues a year in 2021.

So a fun evening. Even got some writing done as well. Go figure.