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Writing Got Me Behind

And That Felt Great…

First time in a while, so sorry if I owed you a letter today or Sunday evening, but Ring Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel I am working on sort of grabbed me and woudn’t let go. I did three sessions today and two yesterday on the novel. Maybe 10,000 words total. What fun.

And just as twisted a book as any of the others.

I will be caught up on letters I owe people tomorrow and reading more challenge stories as well. But felt good to have the writing back solidly as it used to be before the move, so I just let it go.

Also tonight I did two more videos for the Licensing. There are a ton of videos there now, not counting the six weeks of videos in the Magic Bakery Classic Workshop that goes with it.

So a short post tonight.

And here is the inside of a flyer with all the Cold Poker Gang novels. You won’t be able to read the blurbs. Too small, but you can see the branded covers.

Heads Up is not out yet, or even sent to the folks following along with my bumpy challenge. In fact, I have yet to put Kris’s typo finds into it. The newest one that got me going today is called Ring Game. Not even a cover yet.




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