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Kickstarter and Challenge Updates…

First, the Kickstarter surveys (getting your email address and such) will be heading out in the next day or so. We need that information returned quickly if you backed the Diving Kickstarter, so we can get you your reward, plus all the cool stretch rewards.

All the workshop stuff will be dealt with in a week or so, after the majority of the surveys are back in. But be thinking about which lecture and Classic workshop you want. (Don’t tell me yet, just be thinking about them.)

The Great Challenge and The Great Novel Challenge are both still open. Two novels are in and only two people on the short story challenge have missed. Numbers of writers have made it nine weeks so far, which is great! You can still sign up for either challenge on Teachable.

I am slightly behind on my reading for the challenge, but still enjoying all the reading so much. I should be caught up by the end of the week. My eye can only handle so much and I read a novel for a friend this week, that was great. I love thrillers.

Also, I have not posted any new videos the last few days to the Licensing Learn Along. Figured I would give everyone a chance to catch up. But more coming on all sorts of stuff.

That’s the updates.


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