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Writing Challenge Update…

January 12th, 2020

Twelve days, twelve new short stories. (And yes, will start getting them to Paetron shortly. Just been stupidly busy and I have two projects to finish first in the next two days.)

I also have not yet done the covers for ten of them. (Again, just too busy.) And a bunch of these would not have been written if not for the challenge.

In fact, the story I wrote last night starting late and dead tired Kris said was wonderful and she thinks Queen would take it. I was shocked. Some of the others are clearly starts of novels I wrapped down to end as a short story.

And not completely sure if one of them is just a short story as outline for an entire novel. And two of them are clearly short stories that sort of stand alone but are chapters in the same novel.

But they all stand as short stories. All 12 of them.

Today I basically took the day off. Kris and I sat at lunch, at a table that gave us great views to watch people. Our condo was being cleaned so we needed to be gone for three hours. Great fun watching people.

Then I got a phone call from an antique dealer here in town that was searching for some marbles for me in his storage unit, told me about another antique shop he had seen old marbles in, so I headed there and yes, ended up buying some, including what is called a “clamshell” handmade German marble from the 1800s.

I also spotted THE HARDY TIN SOLDIER and other stories (including Thumbelina) by Hans Christian Andersen. 1870s Routledge Publisher edition out of London. Small book in stunning condition for 150 years old. It was just sitting on a box and I asked what she wanted for it and she said, “$10” and I got it. Not a copy on ABE Books. A rare book with some beautiful illustrations. (Anyone want it for $70 I send you a full detailed description and color images. Otherwise it is going in a bag and into our library.)

So that was a flash back to my past and a ton of fun. The shop owner tells me she has some sulfides in storage and will be digging them out for me and also some marbles with cartoon characters on them and would I be interested? Snort.

So a fun day.

Tomorrow I go back to getting one project done and start on the next and then later in the week get up the stories on Patreon in raw form.

But haven’t missed a story yet. Knocking on wood and actually it is getting easier after twelve days of making it a priority. Even in one of the busiest few days I have had lately.

And don’t forget the CRIMES COLLIDE Kickstarter Campaign.

“Go for the movie, stay for the rewards.” Here is the movie.