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Update On Challenge

Haven’t Missed A Story Yet…

But one was almost four thousand words of a really fun novel that I couldn’t even wrap into a short story. But since I am writing novels as well in this challenge, it counts and I will have the rough on Patreon soon for some of you who are interested to see a novel start that not even I could wrap into a short story.

The last week has been bumpy, beyond words, but I still managed to go 14 for 14. Not a clue how.

I have not had the time to do the other stuff with the challenge, like do covers, for them, put them on Patreon, and so on. But I see the time coming in a day or so to get all that done.

One lesson I have again learned, or been clearly reminded of, is that if you are really writing from your creative voice, as I am, it just ain’t possible to control it or steer it.

Every night I have started with two half titles jammed together to get going, and about half the nights the titles get changed near the end of the story. And I am writing series stories from series I had forgotten about, such as two Mary Jo Assassin short stories. No clue why.

But I can tell you this, since I never go into the writing with any idea what I am doing, I have been surprised every day what has appeared. And not questioning anything, just going for the ride and having fun.

So fourteen stories so far in 14 days. Around 50,000 words, but that is just a guess. I’ll add them all up by the end of the month.

And clearly the challenge works because over this last week, if I wasn’t in a challenge, no chance would I have written a word.

Not this last week. Nope.

And don’t forget about the Crimes Collide Kickstarter, speaking of short fiction. Here is the fun video explaining what we are doing.