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MidWinter Workshop Sale Starts Now!!!

Blogging Early Tonight…

Wanted to let everyone know about the sale starting now.

Go to

Then hit “See All Courses” and find the course you want. It will be half price by hitting Purchase and then on the top of the next page put in the coupon code:


That will get you the class, the workshops, the lecture, or Pop-Up at half price. And you can buy as many as you want, but you have to do it one at a time since Teachable does not have a shopping cart.

The MidWinter sale will last until Thursday, February 24th at 7 pm. In essence ten days.

And yes, all the challenges are half price as well, including the new Novella Challenge. You can sign up and then start at any time you would like.

March workshops are also up (April ones will be in a few days). In March we are starting the new Secrets in Craft workshop.

And yes, all the lifetime subscriptions are available for half price as well.

And don’t forget all the nine-week long collections workshops.

Again, Go to

and hit see all courses and then if you want to sign onto one, hit Purchase and on the next page put in the code:


To get anything at half price. Only will last for ten days.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.




  • Cheryl

    Dean, am I figuring it accurately that the Year of the Cat is about 25% completed, so 75% of the stories and related classes are yet to come?

  • Kathi Stait

    Dean, would you accept a new, beginning writer into your online class? I have written works with words before as a software documenter and manual writer and as a palaeontologist, but not yet published any fiction.

    There are some samples of my writing at, which is (currently) a woefully incomplete start to a blog.

    • dwsmith

      Of course, Kathi. We all start somewhere and all the classes are fine for you. A number of them might be a little more advanced, but better to have the knowledge early than never get it later.

      Just go to and look around at all the classes. For early craft classes, start with the monthly Writing with Depth, but just look around and see what interests you.

      Also, on my web site there is a page on the right that says “Workshops Curriculum” to make sense of all the classes as well. Any questions, just write me.