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I Spent Too Much Time Tonight On Other Stuff…

So you get a reminder that this really great Storybundle is happening. Here is Kris’s blog about it since she put the bundle together with some great writers.

This is an amazing group of writing books and one of our workshops in one Storybundle. Let me have Kris tell you about it.


The 2024 Write Stuff Bundle – Curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Every year, I put together a bundle on writing. Every year, I find new concerns and ways to help writers market their work. I also find inspiration books on craft and keeping the faith as writers struggle with the blank page.

This year’s bundle has four distinct elements.

First, the all-important craft. J. Daniel Sawyer teaches you how to put words on the page each and every day. Megabestselling fiction writer and long-time editor Dean Wesley Smith helps you make those words compelling and your stories page-turners, with his StoryBundle exclusive Make Me Read. Novelist and short story writer Dayle A. Dermatis shows you how to use history to inform your fantasy novels, and prolific short story writer Douglas Smith explores the craft of short fiction.

But Doug is our crossover book, because his brand-new edition of Playing The Short Game doesn’t just focus on craft. It has pages and pages of new material for marketing short fiction in 2024. And it’s exclusive to this bundle!

However, I could also say that Tracey Cooper-Posey provides our crossover book, because she also discusses craft and business with the all-important addition of living well while doing so.

Anthea L. Sharp shows us one of the newest ways to grow an audience online by using Kickstarter. Her Kickstarter For Authors is one of the best best-practices book in the business.

Mark Leslie’s StoryBundle exclusive A Book in Hand teaches us that with the right techniques, the old-fashioned techniques of in-person book sales (with actual paper books!) still works well.

Of course, none of this works well if you don’t get to the actual writing or try the business suggestions. Often an inability to do what you really want to do comes from a fear of success. We have a pop-up online workshop that will help you figure out if you suffer from this sometimes paralyzing attitude.

Once you’ve finished the pop-up, take a gander at the Bundle on Maximizing Your Success, which includes three of my short books on making money, success secrets, and negotiation.

And after you’ve finished all of that, take a look at B.A. Paul’s inspiring creative nonfiction book on her journey from unpublished to publication.

Lots to read (and learn), lots to absorb here. This information will get you started or motivate you to return to the writing you love, as well as helping you figure out how to market what you’ve written.

In addition, we’ve chosen a charity that helps people with disabilities join the online gaming community. The key word here is community, since so many people have become homebound. They need an outlet, and Able Gamers tailors gaming consoles and other equipment to individuals so that they can participate, make friends, and spend time with others, without leaving their homes.

So as you get all of this wisdom from the bundle, toss a few dollars at Able Gamers on the way out. We appreciate it! Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Write Stuff Storybundle

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  • Kristi N.

    This bundle came along at just the right time for me. The Pop Up on Fear of Success has already given me insight into why my writing is slowing down, and some of the deeper challenges I’m facing. It is worth the price of the bundle alone.