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Workshop Updates and Running

Saturday Night Quick Updates…

— New video on the Publishing Challenge and new video on the Novel Challenge are both up. Story prompt for the Great Challenge for short stories will be Sunday evening late, as normal.

You can sign up for the challenges, even though you don’t intend to start just yet, or aren’t sure when you are starting. Starting any of the challenges is your choice as to when.

— Last few days to sign up for the February regular workshops. March workshops will take their place in a day or so.

Licensing Transition Class has five February videos up, more soon.

Decade Ahead Class has the new Pop-Up link included in February now. You can still sign up for the first quarter, or all of the Decade Ahead Class and it includes a Pop-Up.

— New Pop-Up called “Nothing’s Good Enough” is available, either by signing up for it directly, or through one of the Pop-Up Bundles.

So all kinds of fun stuff going on.

And today I did two 5K runs, one at 7:30 this morning and another with the same sponsor group on the same course at 4 pm. Ran/walked both of them, had fun.

So a couple pictures as required for these runs. (grin)

First photo is me wondering why I was up after only three hours sleep.

Second photo is Kris up and ready to run like she does every morning normally while I am sleeping.

Next Kris with her finisher’s medal in the morning run.

Next Kris and Val and Steph with their finisher’s medals in the afternoon run. Only Kris and I did both. And Val and Steph both set personal best times in the afternoon run.


  • Maree

    I seem to remember when you moved to Vegas and started doing all these races that you were going to change your sleep schedule so you weren’t going to go lacking in sleep.

    I ask because I’m struggling with getting my own sleep habits into a better pattern. Changing ingrained habits is so hard

    • dwsmith

      I gave up on changing them too much. Sort of met half way. I now stay up until 3 am and get out of bed around 10:30. Get writing done that way.

    • Harvey Stanbrough

      Maree, for what it’s worth, a few years back I cut out what is to me “brain-dead TV” and started going to bed earlier, usually 7 p.m., sometimes 8. I roll out every morning between 1 and 2 a.m., take care of some non-writing projects in the first hour or two, then get my writing done (usually 3000 words) before my wife and the rest of the world wakes up. Then I have the “day” free to do whatever else. This works very well for me. My productivity skyrocketed. You just have to experiment a little, set your priorities, and find what works for you.

      • Maree

        that’s only 5-6 hours of sleep! I can’t get up early to write if I didn’t get enough sleep. At least not as a regular schedule. A lot of my efforts to create writing time involve getting to bed earlier. The rest follows along naturally if I get a good night of sleep.

        But lol my biggest problem is that my husband sleeps 8-4 so if I wake up before he’s left for work (around 5) I lose the quiet time. My goal is to sleep 10-5, wake just in time to kiss him goodbye and then write for an hour before my kids get up. It’s a work in progress.