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Licensing 101 Workshop

Coming Next Day Or So…

Going to add a new six-week workshop to the list for March. It is called Licensing 101, basically what the name states, a six-week run-through of the basic thinking of licensing your IP.

Those of you in the Licensing Transition Class will get this free with the Licensing Transition Class. So no worries there. It will add over 40 videos to the learning there.

And, of course, those of you who have a Lifetime Workshop Subscription will get the workshop as well.

And it will be available to sign up for normal workshop rate of $300. But if you are thinking of doing that, sign up instead for the Licensing Transition Class which has a ton of videos already on licensing and is only $500.

So Licensing 101 is the name, which leads to the question: Will there be Licensing 201? Yes. And 301 and 401, but I have to be honest, Kris and I have some more learning to do before we can fully teach the 401 level.

So I will have this new LICENSING 101 workshop up and live with the other March workshops in a day or so, but you can sign up now by joining the Licensing Transition Class or getting a Lifetime Workshop Subscription.

This class, over years, might make you more money than you can imagine.

Sign up on Teachable.



Hit the first stretch goal just over a week-and-a-half into it!!!!

So we are now on the way to hitting a stretch goal that includes some lectures and beyond that some classic workshops as bonus stuff.

Check it out here… Twelve cat anthologies delivered one per month for an entire year. A total of 100 cat stories by top writers.

And the next day or so I’ll show you all twelve of the book covers. They are very, very cool and will make a fantastic set of books on your shelf if you get the paper editions.

And yes, Kris and I and WMG are having far, far too much fun.


  • E. R. Paskey

    Oh, wow! This sounds phenomenal! I’m currently working my way through the Licensing Transition Class videos, and the sheer amount of information involved–not to mention all the possibilities it brings to mind–continues to blow my mind. (So thank you for that.)

    Actual workshops on licensing would be tremendous! I’m really excited to hear about this and have the chance to lean more. *grin*

    • dwsmith

      Yup, a ton of information, and Kris and I just outlined the 101 class and part of the 201 class. And we only scratched slightly deeply into what will be possible for writers. And a lot more videos coming in the Licensing Transition Class itself besides the workshop as we get closer to the Licensing Expo and then through it and beyond.

      Amazing amounts of learning. Not too late to jump into the Licensing Transition Class folks. I have kept it open for sign-ups due to a number of writers asking me to do so. And besides, no point in closing it at this point.

      • E. R. Paskey

        This may be a dumb question, but I just realized–awhile back you announced a Make a Living Workshop for March. Is this the same thing under a different name, or is that a different workshop? Thanks!

        • dwsmith

          Off the schedule for now. This Licensing workshop is much more needed and more interesting. Later in the year I will do that workshop and more than likely add it as part of the Decades Ahead Class as well, like this Licensing workshop will be added in as part of the Licensing Transition class.

          Plus I’ve been working on this nifty and really fun idea for a collaboration special workshop. And we have the How to Write a Cat Story special workshop in the Kickstarter going now.

          So holding off on Floating Viewpoint and Making a Living workshops until this summer or so.