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Workshop is Over

This Site Very Slow…

So I am tired and the site is slow, so just going to say before this crashes that things here will be back to normal tomorrow (Sunday night) and you will start seeing some changes here as I try to clean up some of the clutter here.

And the questions will be going out to the kickstarter backers for Pulphouse on Monday and Tuesday.

But for now, I had a wonderful week of learning and talking to great writers. And now I need sleep and to not get up so darned early.


  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, have any folks reported trouble with the volume on videos on Teachable? I’m using a Kindle Fire and can barely here the audio sometimes. Restarting my device helps sometimes but when I click on a new video, the audio drops. No problems on my computer or an ipad, though. It happens on both of my Fires.

    • dwsmith

      Haven’t heard of any issues with volume. Sounds like a Fire issue. Might want to contact the Kindle Fire support to see if they know about the issue in general.

    • Gnondpom

      It’s not specific to Teachable, but on all of Dean’s most recent videos, I only get the sound on my left speaker. It’s the same on two different laptops, whether I’m using the built-in speakers or headphones. And it also means that the volume is quite low, at least compared to other videos (but it is still fully audible). I wonder whether this is related somehow to your volume problem, Mark?

      Dean, have you changed anything in the way you record your sound? Has anyone else lost the stereo sound?

      • dwsmith

        Not for a while. Using a good mic now compared to the early workshops where I just used the computer mic. But that has been some time since that change. And nothing changed on the settings running through iMovie. So not sure what would be causing that. Strange.

        And one fun thing. I have finally figured out a way to get the regular workshops over to Teachable. So expect that in a month or so, which might help as well. The WordPress thing I sort of patched together six or seven years ago is finally going away in the next three or four months. (grin)

        • Gnondpom

          It must be linked to the change in mic then. It’s been going on for a while, at least since the Strengths workshops (I didn’t report it at the time because I can still listen to the workshop, but it is strange indeed). And it’s the same on Teachable and on your WordPress thing, so it’s not due to the platform.

          Great news for Teachable, it will be much easier if all workshops and lectures are at the same place! Not to mention stopping having to keep track of the current week’s password.

          • Felicia Fredlund

            I’ve noticed the same thing. Either iMovie is only putting out audio for one channel (earbuds only get sound in left earbud) or whatever it is called. Or the audio is only recorded in one channel/whatever-it-is-called. I didn’t report this either, because I thought it was maybe a glitch just for Strengths.

  • Sheila

    FYI, I also only get sound in my left speaker. I use a special headset adapted for my hearing impairment so I thought it might be related to that but….apparently not.