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Some Clutter Gone

A Writer Website…

Since I have a massive writing and publishing challenge starting first at the start of November and then the major part in the middle of November, I thought I would begin cleaning up this website some to get ready.

— Workshop information links are now on the widget to the right.

— List of November and December workshops are to the right and down as well. The sticky post about the month’s workshop is gone.

— I removed the workshop links from the top menu.

— I removed the building Smith’s Monthly widget from the side as well.

— I will no longer combine daily stuff and writer topic posts to make them easier to share.

As the next few weeks go by I will upgrade my fiction lists and books and stuff and get everything up to date here. So a reader might really be able to find some of my books. (grin)

And I hope this fall to start the free short story of the week.


In November, because I am writing a story per day, I will go back to talking about my day with each short story. I know some people like to watch a writer doing a day job and then writing a story per day.  So for 30 days I will do that.

Including all the ups and downs of writing the story and how long it took, how it started, all that sort of thing. (And yes, you will be able to read the stories as they appear in Smith’s Monthly over the winter and spring. Click on the Patreon link below and support this blog to make sure you get all of them.

That is the first challenge.

The bigger writing and publishing challenge I mentioned a week or so is to WRITE/PUBLISH MY AGE.

What that means is I will publish 67 books from my birthday in November this year to my birthday in November 2018.

I am using Isaac Asimov’s method of counting, meaning if I edited it, it will count. So I actually won’t be writing 67 books, but publishing 67 major titles. I will not count short story stand-alone publications in that total, but I will keep track of them.

Counting the short story stand-alone books, I should do around 130 titles. But my main focus will be publishing 67 major titles, which will also mean I will catch up Smith’s Monthly to the correct cover date and have done 60 of them in five years. That will be cool if I can get that done.

Patreon supporters will not only get all 17 of those (counting the one in the pipeline now) but the nonfiction books I do on this blog as well.

Some Promotion and Fun Stuff

As this year goes on, WMG Publishing will also be doing some fun new promotions and experiments with sales. I will talk about some of them as they happen. I am sure Kris will as well on her blog. So stay-tuned for that.

And here on this blog I have three or so new nonfiction writing books planned. So following this you will get to read them as I write them and make comments or ask questions that might get incorporated into the books.

All this is starting on Wednesday and I am excited, actually.

Going to be great fun.
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  • Mark Kuhn

    Looks really nice, Dean. Very streamlined. Writers like myself, in their early stages, can now see how much help they will find when they visit here.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, I bought Ideas into Story and Week 3, Session 3 doesn’t load up. I noticed there is no video length that all the other videos have. Maybe that session didn’t make it to Teachable’s server?