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Orville and Star Trek


To take a break this week from being brain-fried with so much information and learning at the Master Business Class, for an hour each night I watched Star Trek, and Orville.

I love the fact that there are two Star Trek shows on right now, even though Orville isn’t actually Trek. And Trek would never dare do such a show either. The Star Trek fans would crucify it.

But as a drama-comedy not actually called Trek, but in the vein of Next Generation, Orville is great fun. And fascinating how Orville tackles some pretty major themes, just as Original Trek did. The full democracy episode I watched tonight was stunning.

While I also love what Discovery is doing. Sort of setting up Section 31, which Kris and I wrote a book about way back fifteen years ago. It is dark, full of war and evil things, and setting up the world that Kirk lived in. So fun in a lot of ways.

Orville, light, drama-comedy with heart, Discovery, full Star Trek show with darkness, wars, and theme.  I feel blessed to be a Star Trek fan at the moment. I get the best of both kinds of science fiction television.

And both wonderful brain-resting shows after a full day of publishing business.


  • Mark Kuhn

    The Orville is a great show. I’m hoping it gets renewed for another season. My interest, however, in Agents of SHIELD is starting to dwindle a bit. I was not impressed with the whole life model decoy story line from last season and this season with the Inhumans is shaping up to be a bit tedious. I love the Marvel movies and had high hopes for SHIELD.

  • Robert J. McCarter


    My wife and I love The Orville. It’s got the Next Gen vibe + goofy humor + real issues and themes. Such a nice surprise.

    We’ve had some technical difficulties with CBS All Access so have only see a few minutes of Star Trek Discovery, but I suspect that The Orville is actually the Trek we want. We’ll get to Discovery soon, but it’s great to have some The Orville and something fun set in space.

  • Jo

    The Orville gives me that tight, adventure of the week, spaceship show I’ve been wanting. Everything is so serialized nowadays, tease after tease after tease. I want to sit and watch an arc open and close, it’s what I miss about Star Trek. There are other spaceship shows out there but they didn’t really hit the mark.

    Also, the hopefulness. The good guys doing their best together. The light. The heavy handed moral messages. That’s Star Trek to me. So when I watch Discovery and it’s all darkness and war I get turned off. I mean, it’s still a good show, but it’s not what I’m looking for in a Trek show. A Star Wars show maybe, but I like my Trek told as a cheesy weekly morality tale.

    That said, Discovery has the red headed lady with the social anxiety, and the tall alien guy with the general anxiety. Great characters.