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We’re LIVE!!!


Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades is Kris’s new Diving Universe novel. Even if you have never read a Diving novel before, you can read this one. And it is amazing.

Get to the New Diving Novel Kickstarter here…

Also in this one are two really cool science fiction writing workshops, plus discounts on regular workshops and a brand new lifetime subscription to everything on Teachable.

And no matter the award you pick, you get a copy of the new Diving Universe novel.

Plus something really fun…A brand new writing series that will be a ton of fun that we are giving away in the stretch goals. Here is the write up about the new classes…


Kris and Dean are creating a really new and fun series of Space-Cowboy Pete and Rocket-Fuel Rachel writing classes on how to write and have fun writing science fiction. Each class will not only show you how to look at and have fun writing in a certain area of science fiction, but will also have a prompt to write a fun short story. 
You can write serious or fun science fiction; Space-Cowboy Pete and Rocket-Fuel Rachel will help you with both. Each class is a $150 value, but will be given free to all backers of this campaign at the $5 level and up as we hit the qualifying stretch goals.
The Space-Cowboy Pete and Rocket-Fuel Rachel writing classes you can get if you back this campaign and help us pass the word are:
  • “Rocket-Fuel Rachel and the Invasion of Planet Parasol” Writing Invasion Stories.
  • “Space-Cowboy Pete and the Exploration of the Crab Vortex” Writing Exploration Stories.
  • “Rocket-Fuel Rachel and the First Contact of Beta Burn” Writing First Contact Stories.
  • “Space-Cowboy Pete and the Pint-Sized Colony” Writing Colonization Stories.
  • “Rocket-Fuel Rachel and the Dying Planet of Red Gothic” Writing Dying Planet Stories.
  • “Space-Cowboy Pete and the Battles of the Templar Systems” Writing Space Battle Stories.
  • “Rocket-Fuel Rachel and the Lost Smallwood Civilization.” Writing Lost Civilization Stories.

Get to the New Diving Novel Kickstarter here…


    • dwsmith

      Thanks. Just flashed past the first stretch goal, so now the nifty new workshops are coming up quickly as Stretch Rewards.

  • Dee

    Oh – the lifetime for all the WMG teachable is gone. Did you guys run into a problem and decide to pull it? Heh – I couldn’t get it – but hope you guys might offer it again in a year or two…

    • dwsmith

      If someone is interested in that Lifetime of Everything WMG ever does on Teachable, then can write me. The price is $10,000 (which is a stunning deal considering the retail value is around $40,000 or more. And no, we do not discount for anything.) We pulled it from the Kickstarter because we have had issues with scammers before there and can’t control it there. No other reason. It is available, we just don’t promote it.

  • Dee

    *Super Excited!*

    Oh – that’s amazing!

    I have some big life/family finances to take care of that must come before it – but that will now be my big non-emergency finance goal to start saving for!

    Thank you Dean!

    *Dances happily*