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Went to “Cats” Broadway Touring Play

Amazingly Good and Fun…

The Smith’s Performing Arts Center opened back up tonight after what they call the longest intermission in history with a performance from the touring company of “Cats.” I had never seen it, and I found it fantastic fun, amazing dancing, and great music.

Everyone had to show their vaccination card to get in. Three women were walking toward the entrance behind us when one said to the others, “Get out your cards and driver’s license and get your mask on. (We had to wear it the entire time. No big deal.)

One woman said, “I don’t have a card.”

I glanced back as two were putting on their masks and one woman wasn’t.

The first one said, “Why not? Did you leave it at home?

The unmasked said she had never gotten a shot and she didn’t even own a mask. I looked back again at them, shocked. Vaccination requirements for the Smith’s Center were well known and the only way the Center could reopen. Just like you must have a vaccination to get into a Raider’s football game. And you can’t go to a restaurant or in any store or casino here without wearing a mask all the time.

The three women immediately stopped and moved off to the side. The idiot woman would not be getting in. My guess is the other two, who were looking pissed, went on without her. I just laughed. Considering all the pain the unvaccinated have caused all of us by continuing this pandemic when we could be done by now, it was nice to see one of them getting some pain (besides dying which I don’t wish on even the stupidest.)

Kris was in her normal box seat right next to the stage and slightly above it and she got me a boxed set across from her, right above the stage on the other side. Wonderful seat, just wonderful.

A Writing Thing…

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the lyrics are mostly from the book “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Elliot. Now this play first appeared in 1980 and T.S. Elliot was still alive. So that means this was a licensing deal with him.

We are going to be doing a ton of stuff shortly (and through the winter) on Licensing. But I thought this was a great example of a licensing deal I am betting the author did not expect.

And 30 plus years after Elliot died, it is still making money and being performed. And his poems and book are still making money. (Just a thought for those of you who don’t think your work will last or be worth anything.) You just never know.

So a fantastic evening at a great play with Kris. A chuckle at an idiot paying the price for stupidity. And a great example of a licensing deal.

Great time.

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  • Kari Kilgore

    So glad you two got to see live theatre! Our wonderful professional theatre here has reopened as well after having shows at a local drive-in for most of the last year and a half. Same thing, we needed to show our cards and wear masks. We had a great time with a new adaptation of Frankenstein, another long-lasting bit of IP. 🙂