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Up At 5:30 AM…

For a Run…

I have a running group I join sometimes on Sunday mornings and for the first time in a month it will be cool enough for me to go tomorrow morning. Only about 76 degrees as the sun comes up. We are still record heat here. After this summer 76 will feel like I need a coat. (grin)

Got to be out in Summerlin at 6:30 a.m. and that’s thirty minutes of driving, so up even earlier.

So this is a filler post tonight. Daily streak at 2,984 blog posts without missing a day. My brain can’t really grasp that number to be honest.

And oh yeah, worked on the Cave Creek novel today. Should be done soon.


(The next day update… Did not get up at 5:30 because could not go to sleep early, so got up and wrote for a couple of hours on Cave Creek novel and then watched some television and went to bed at my normal 2:30 am. So will get my running today in another way.)