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Money and Kickstarter Workshops Starting

How To Make Money With Your Fiction Writing…

Yup, that workshop starts on Wednesday this coming week. Should be a very interesting one, but don’t take it if you want to learn about advertising on places like Facebook and so on. That is not how to make money past a moment in time, maybe, if you are lucky. We’re not even hardly mentioning that.

This workshop is how to make money over the long haul and build the income.

If you first thought is that you know how to do that, you really need this workshop. If you first thought is you can’t imagine what we will talk about besides putting books on Amazon, you really, really need this workshop.

Back in August we started a Kickstarter for Fiction Writers Step-by-Step six-week workshop, to walk you through every step of doing a campaign. It is now back again for October, also starting on Wednesday.

Plus the Covers 101 workshop is also in a second month of being offered, since it started in September.

So lots of great stuff this month in workshops to keep you learning and focused on the writing in these crazy times.

Any questions, feel free to write me.

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  • Topaz

    Looking forward to the “How to make money” workshop.
    I did the Cover101 last month, and it improved my covers by lightyears.