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If I Owe You A Letter

In the Last Three Days, Hold On… 

I will get caught up today. No problem, I’m just taking some breaks and doing other things.

Also about to do some videos in the Decade Ahead class and more cat videos. So next week check those out if you are in them. Again, the Decades Ahead will go through all of 2021 now. No chance in hell any of us can plan while swirling in this mess. The key with all this is just get your head down and keep writing.

And make sure you vote.

Horror and Historical-focused Science Fiction special workshops are starting on Tuesday.

And Making Money with Your Writing workshop is starting Wednesday. You can sign up for that one. Special ones are closed because they were from the Kickstarters.

So now I am going to go watch late night television because I just finished a short story and will start on the Cave Creek novel again tomorrow. Going to be fun.