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Two Posts About the New Workshop Sale

The Two Posts Before This One…

Both posts talked about the In-Between workshop half-price sale and also all the new classes and workshops that are available this time.

New Workshop Sale!

New Workshops Now Available In Sale

And remember, if you want to get any workshop on TEACHABLE.COM for half price, simply hit “Purchase” and then on the next page at the top put in the code:


All of the May regular 6-week workshops are available and all of the June regular 6-week workshops are available.

Plus a good ten new Pop-Up classes.

And my favorite new classes, the nine-week collection classes where you write five stories and then put them in a collection and publish it by the time the class is finished. I am have a blast. There are six of those and you can get all six. The new one starting for May/June is Private Eye Collections Class, plus the Portals Collections class will be starting again.

So half-price on everything on the WMG Teachable. Don’t miss this sale. Might be the last one.


  • Cheryl

    Spreading the word! Thanks for this.

    Question: is there an Advanced Depth in Writing slated in the near future (after the May one)? Trying to decide whether to sign up for May, with other obligations I’ve got scheduled. Thanks!

    • dwsmith

      Advanced Depth and some of the others are scheduled every two months. Depth, Critical Voice, and Covers is every month. But Advanced Depth is every other month, so next time up is July. You can sign up for the May one and then when I post the July one just write me and ask to be on it instead and I’ll send you the code. No problem at all.

      • Cheryl

        Thank you, Dean!

        So I don’t confuse myself, I’ll task to sign up for the July one in early or mid-June. Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m slacking on the May one 🙂

        • dwsmith

          Cheryl, if you want the sale price, you got to sign up for the May one, then just not look at it. As soon as I get the July one up, and announce it on my blog, just write me and I’ll send you the code for the July one. If you want until Mid-June, there will be no sale price I’m afraid. WMG is very tight on the deadlines.

          • Cheryl

            Thanks very much and sorry for dragging this thread out. I bought 3 workshop credits at last sale, and have used one (for the excellent Depth in Writing) so all will be well. Thanks for the reminder, though!

  • Linda Niehoff

    I’m really tempted to sign up for the Great Challenge and do a short story a week. I’m assuming that’s also included in the sale? Can I set my own start date? This challenge terrifies me – which is precisely why I want to do it!

    • dwsmith

      Yes, it is included in the sale. And you can start on any Sunday. I put up a new prompt every Sunday that you don’t have to use, but I do on that Sunday tell you how to send the week’s story in by the following Sunday. That’s part of the fun, you have 107 story prompts that are there already. Also, if you miss, you get the credit for the workshop for any other workshops, so no lose situation. You get stories written and you get workshop credit one way or the other. (Can’t use it to buy back in again, but can use it for anything else.) So fun.

      • Mark Kuhn

        Yeah, I might be leaning toward this, too. Not sure. But there’s NO WAY I’m letting this sale get away from me this time.

    • Cheryl

      @Linda — I bought this during the last sale and am now four weeks completed on the challenge. I think it’s one of the best things I could do for my writing. Accountability. Productivity. Just doing it. — Hey, is there a buddy who might want to do this, too? I do have another person (from my writing group) and it helps to cheer each other on; helpful, but not required.

      I’d recommend the challenge to any writer.

      • Karen Fonville

        Linda Maye, That’s fantastic about the two Silver Honorable Mentions. Congrats! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are listing the Great Challenge stories on your website! Excellent! Wonderful idea. Great way to boost sales and adds an incentive to keep going!


    • Chris

      Hi Linda

      Go for it! I signed up for the Short Story Challenge and started in January this year. Just having Dean as a deadline has pushed me to write something new each week. What I send in varies, and I don’t worry if the story “works” or not. What works for me is writing something new and feeling good about getting it written and mailed – to Dean. What I do with the story afterwards doesn’t really matter at the moment. But after writing and sending a story every week so far this year, I now have 17 stories that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t doing the challenge. These are extra to everything else I’m writing. Like I said… go for it! 🙂

      • Linda Niehoff

        Thanks so much for all the comments and encouragement. I just signed up. There are so many things I’m excited about but I think what you said, Chris, is one of the biggest. I want to practice not worrying about what “works.” In other words, I’d like to “dare to be bad.” Lately, I’m finding myself making stories too important and worrying that they’re not good enough. I’m really trying to get back to writing for fun. I took Depth and Adv. Depth with the last 2 sales (both highly recommended) and found that when assignments were due I was just focused on getting something in that fulfilled the requirements and solidified the lesson for me – I didn’t worry much if they were good. And wouldn’t you know it? Writing got fun again. Anyway, I feel like I’m at the very tippy top of a roller coaster. One part happy and one part about to throw up. 😉

        • Chris

          Hi Linda. I know you’ll get so much out of it. I am. And yes, sometimes I’m a little close to the wire in terms of hitting the deadline, but I have enjoyed every story I have written, many of which I didn’t even think about, just took a prompt (often one of my own) and started writing. Several of them are 5,000 words long, and I plan on putting them into a collection at some point. If you need a cheerleader along the way, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form on my website, and I’ll be sure to respond. Have fun! 🙂

  • Joseph Cleary

    Thanks for a great sale, Dean!.

    I went ahead and signed up for all three Challenges – Short Story, Novel, and Publishing. I’m questioning my sanity at the moment, but I’m excited!

    The next twelve months are going to be a lot of fun, and I figure commiting to this will teach me more about writing and publishing in the next twelve months than I’ve learned in the last decade.

    I know it’s a can’t lose because of the workshop credits for missing a deadline, but I’m not going to miss.

    Oh boy, what have I done…

    • dwsmith

      Joseph, you can start at any point. On the publishing and novel challenges, just let me know when you are starting. Publishing challenge you just have to send me a link to the published book each month. On the novel, just send me every two months the electronic file (I don’t read it, so no worries there), and the short story challenge go to the last prompt in the challenge #107 this week, watch the video and read the instructions below. And don’t forget to have fun.