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New Workshop Sale!!!

The Half-Price Code is… IN-BETWEEN

Yes, It Has Been Two More Months of Covid…

As I said months ago, I honestly never would have predicted this last spring. Not in a million years. Not many did, and those who did warn us of this, none of us listened. We just couldn’t imagine being locked up for MORE THAN a year. But at least now we have some hope on the horizon with the vaccines going out and so many of us getting them. But we are a long ways out of this, with 600 to 700 dying still every day in just this country.

Back when WMG Publishing did what we all thought here would be the last workshop sale way back in May, 2020, we had an expectation that as things opened up, we would all be able to slowly go back to a changed, but new normal life.

Remember that silliness? We actually thought that. Or more likely hoped it. But hope just didn’t beat this pandemic.

So by July 2020 it was clear that most of us were still locked up, wearing masks, and doing our best to move forward in some way or another with no real end in sight. So WMG Publishing decided to do another sale the first week of July, thinking that might be the last one, but no, and then we did another the first of September thinking the same thing. No again.

It seems we still all needed to stay home, be careful, and focus on other things besides what was happening in the world.

We all needed to focus on our writing and learning.

So since then WMG Publishing has offered a sale every two months. Maybe finally this will be the last one.

So once again we want to encourage you to stay in, stay safe.

And a great way to stay safe and inside and mentally sane is to focus on learning publishing and how to be a better storyteller. Indie writers are actually making more money in this time of crisis because we can write and put out books and people want to read.

So we are going to do one more sale of everything on WMG Publishing’s Teachable.

And just like every time, we really, really hope never again. Wouldn’t that be nice if in a couple months this was cleared enough we wouldn’t need this? I’m not holding my breath.

But, we are not there yet. NOT BY A LONG WAYS!!!

WMG Publishing wants to help you all once again get through this, so for the next 10 days, until 5 pm on Tuesday, May 4th…

Every WMG Publishing Workshop, Lecture, Pop-Up, Class, or Subscription on Teachable will be HALF PRICE!


That’s right, on anything available on Teachable right now, (hit all courses to see everything) just use the code below and get it half price.

I will do a post next on all the new classes and workshops available. There are a lot of them this time around.

And yes, it includes the brand new Collection Classes. They are two month long and special and not included in any subscription, but you can get all six of them because they now extend into 2022 You end up with a collection published doing those.

So, stock up on workshops and lectures to get you through the coming summer months at half price.

Or even grab one of the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions for half price.

The coupon code to get anything on WMG’s Teachable at half price for the next 12 days is:


And feel free to pass this code around to any writer. We are all still stuck with this virus, so we might as well all keep learning.

In feels like we are sort of In-Between the pandemic and a possible new normal. Thus the name of this sale. IN-BETWEEN.

But remember, this offer ends sharply at 5 pm West Coast Time on Thursday, May 4th.

To see a curriculum of all the workshops and lectures and orders to take them in, go to Workshop Curriculum.


Yes, you can buy more than one, but you just have to do it one at a time because Teachable has no shopping cart. And you can use Paypal or any credit card.

And for those in Europe or in a few states, taxes are added automatically by Teachable. So if not exactly the price you expect, blame the taxes. Teachable adds them and pays them for us automatically.

Also we have an offering where you can buy three workshops or lectures or pop-ups at a time and take them at any time if you like.

One side note: You can give yourself or a friend the gift of learning and stay sane as we keep slogging through these tough times. There is no time limit on when you have to do a workshop either, so you can give them as gifts to other writers hurting more than you are.

So, in summary, just go to WMG Workshops on Teachable, find workshops or Pop-Ups or Classes or Lectures or subscriptions you are interested in, hit purchase, then on the next page put in the coupon code IN-BETWEEN and you will get it for half price.

And please stay home as much as possible, stay safe, wear a mask when out, and keep learning and writing.