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One Day Left

To Sign Up for the First Two Weekender Workshops…


Exactly at midnight Thursday morning, (basically late Wednesday night) the first day’s videos in the weekended Pop-up workshops will appear. Four days of videos, three different assignments.

I will leave the workshops open to sign up until around 1 p.m. on Thursday. Here is all the basic information.


The Structure of the Weekender Workshops

Starting on Thursday morning right at 12:01 a.m. US West Coast Time (Pacific Time), six or seven videos will appear on the first session page for the workshop.

An assignment will be with the videos that is due by 9 p.m. US West Coast Times that day.

— Friday the same thing.
— Saturday the same thing.
— Sunday just wrap-up videos. No assignment.

Total hours spent would be about two hours per day and eight hours total for the four days. You should be able to work that in. The videos will be recorded and you can go through them and do the assignment at any time during your day. They just have to get to us by 9 p.m. so we have time to get a response to you by midnight when the new day’s videos go up.

About twenty-five videos and three homework assignments all done in four days. Then the workshop will remain on your Teachable dashboard to go back and review the information as you please.

Cost is $225.00 (halfway between Classic and Regular) and each will be limited to seven writers per workshop. Only offered one weekend per month.

All sign-ups will be through Once it hits seven sign-ups on Teachable, I will close the workshop to more sign-ups, so don’t delay if interested.

And yes, you can take one or two of these workshops while also taking a regular workshop.

February 15-18, 2018

— Controlling Fear of Failure
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

March 15-18th

— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction
— Controlling Fear of Failure

April 12-15th

— The Indie Game. (Roll-play your way through ten years of decisions as an Indie Writer.)
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)
— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— (tba)

(Note: Yes, you can use a credit from the Kickstarter or workshop offer or challenge awards. You would get one of these plus two lectures for each regular workshop credit, so write me directly and I will give you a code to get into the Weekender and credit for two lectures).

Any questions, just write me at

To Sign Up Just Go To Teachable and Sign Up. Basic Descriptions for each workshop are either on or on the Weekender Page here.


We are over seven thousand in five days and climbing. And we added a special thing for writers yesterday and will be adding in some nifty stretch goals as well for all supporters.

So The Basic Information Again

The reason we are doing this is to expand the store into four unused rooms. But wow do those rooms need work. We are planning to do it no matter what, but the Kickstarter will speed up the process a whole bunch.

And in the expanding, we will be starting up a system where indie writers and publishers can get their books into our store. (Right now we don’t have much room.) We want to focus a lot on indie books and hand-sell them. After all, the bookstore is owned by writers and run by writers.

And yeah, we know, the belief is that bookstores are dying. Nope. The bookstores that are dying are the ones run by people stuck in the old systems. North by Northwest Books has been profitable almost from day one since we bought it. We are selling books around the world through ABE, eBay, and Amazon. And shortly will have our own sales web site.

Modern bookstores carrying new and used and selling wide are doing great. And we don’t even care if you drop by and showcase our books and buy online. All we care about is helping customers find the book they want when they want it.

Link to the kickstarter here...

Here is our slogan on tee-shirts and book bags and such:

Buy Paper Books… Give Bookmarks Something To Do.

Here are some of the nifty rewards…

— You can give certificates to your local library or school for books and North by Northwest Books will work with the library or school to make sure they get the right books for their needs. (That’s right, you can support your local school or library.)

— You can buy a mystery box of either science fiction, mystery, or comics. Your choice.

— Discounts on lectures and workshops. You can get multiple of these if you want.

— Every major WMG book for 2018.

— A nifty book bag or a book bag full of books.

— A gift certificate in the store if you or someone you know is coming to the Oregon Coast.

And with every award you get the most recent volume of Fiction River. Plus other coming stretch rewards to be announced.

So take a look and at least watch the crazy video. And see what our bookstore on the Oregon Coast looks like inside. It’s nifty, I promise.

And take a look at the entire North by Northwest Kickstarter here