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Two New Projects

I Am Having A Blast…

Working on two new projects. One you will see in a day or so and has a lot to do with the Shared World Class.

And I am madly working on finishing a new Cold Poker Gang novel for a coming bundle. Yes, it is a cat novel. Not kidding. I seldom talk about books and stories I am writing here. But got a couple short-challenges coming up I may do the old daily writing report I haven’t done for a while. We shall see.

And speaking of cats, if you got the Special How to Write a Cat Story workshop reward in the Year of the Cat Kickstarter, you should have gotten a letter from me today. If you did not, write me. The March workshop is starting.

Here is a header from one of the projects you all will hear about in a few days. A tease. (grin)


    • E. R. Paskey

      Hear, hear! *grin* I’m excited about the Shared World update too! So excited I can barely stand it! I just keep thinking how much fun this is going to be.

      And congrats, Dean, on the new Cold Poker novel speeding along!