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I Think This Is Cool!

Three of My Collections…

As most of you know, I seldom talk about my books or what I am publishing here, except when I am doing a challenge or writing in public on a project. But last year I did do a nifty Make 100 Short Stories Kickstarter that many of you backed.

And you should have gotten two of the three large anthologies promised. But when I looked at all three of them together on WMG Publishing site, I found it very cool.

So take a glance. I love the branding and the look and am proud of those three collections.


  • Mike

    Very cool, Dean. Love the covers – the branding and the “wonder” they evoke. All unique but definitely part of a whole. Sweet!!

    I clicked through to the Amazon link on the first one to take a look through the preview & interior formatting.

    After reading your intro, I’m curious about your mention of the Pulphouse “Short Story Paperbacks” you used to do (ditto for the leather hardbacks). How long were those typically? Did you supplement with other Pulphouse advertising (or anything else)?

    Wondering also how much of what you did with those carries forward to the present day when uploading short stories as standalone.

    • dwsmith

      They were just regular short stories by top writers. We did 60 by sf writers and 10 by mystery writers. Bestsellers, all the way from Zelazny to George RR Martin. Great fun and a nifty set. And we put 40 of them in hardback limited editions with hand-done leather bindings and limited to 100 and numbered and signed. Those things are stupidly expensive now.

      They were from 24-40 pages long, mostly, and no extra ads. Much easier to do these days. And yes, I loved that idea and like having my short stories in books, standalone that I can hold. Just fun.