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New Videos Are Up

In Numbers of Classes and Challenges…

New weekly videos are up in both the Publishing Challenge and the Novel Challenge. In the publishing I talk about what I did this last week in publishing and in the novel challenge I talk about my own writing, which will really pick up speed tomorrow. (Both are open for sign-ups.)

New videos in the first quarter of the Decade Ahead, the first of many that will be in March this month, since March is a very important month. So four new videos there. (You can still sign up for it or for the full year.)

Of course the Licensing Transition Class has the link there now for the Licensing 101 Regular Workshop that is starting on Tuesday. I will be putting more advanced videos up as well in the Licensing Transition, even though the class will have over 40 videos. So a very busy month in that class. (Sigh up on Teachable for either one.)

And new videos in the Shared World class as well. Cave Creek, which is the shared world that the writers will be writing for, will fire off a Kickstarter Campaign this coming week. A fun and short Kickstarter. Some videos in the Shared World about that, and a lot more coming this month as well. You can still sign up for the Shared World class and get all the videos from the last half year.

In that class I will be basically teaching over the next two months how to write for a shared world. And in the Kickstarter there will be a special class on how to write historical fiction as well, since the first book in Cave Creek is historical. (Two different workshops.)

And for those of you who were wondering, you will get a letter from me tomorrow evening if you backed the special How to Write a Cat Story workshop in the Year of the Cat Kickstarter. You will get a code into both workshops, one starts on the 3rd of March, another starts in April. You will be able to pick or put both on your dashboard if you want.

So if you signed up for that, expect that letter tomorrow if you answered the survey.

And I think that’s everything, other than the fact that all the March Regular Workshops are starting on Tuesday. Here is the list and sign up, of course, on Teachable.

Wow we have some fun stuff going on right now.

Class #21… Mar 3rd … Writing Romance
Class #22… March 3rd… LICENSING 101
Class #24… March 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… March 3rd … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… March 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… March 4th … Writing Short Stories
Class #29… March 4th… Writing with Emotion
Class #30… March 4th… Advanced Depth


  • Irena

    Hi Dean! I was reading ‘The Magic Bakery’ the other day and now I’m curious, how come you decided to focus on filling your shelves with workshops? I’m asking that question from the point of view of the customer who is into stories, not educational material. All the best!

    • dwsmith

      Irena, it is not an either/or situation. I still write a lot of books, now over two hundred of them total, and more short stories than I can seem to keep track of. But I was helped by a lot of great writers in my early days and this is my way of paying forward. And to be honest, I did not expect it to grow this much. And I fully expect at some point to drop back a lot from the teaching when I get bored or stop learning.

      But right now I am having a blast, enjoying not only doing new projects, but editing and writing and doing workshops.

      This blog is mostly for writers, this page. I am developing a writing website to put up my writing stuff, but to be honest, I write faster than I can keep up a writing page. But trying to do it and might get some help here pretty soon with that.