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Nifty Mug and T-Shirt

2024 Challenge

Challenge yourself to average 2,024 words per day for the entire year of 2024. 

Here is the mug and t-shirt you get for signing up… Full instructions below the pictures.

Nifty, huh? And you get both if you join the challenge. Only open until the 5th… Sign up on Teachable.

Here are the basic rules…

No genre limitations.

Rules of Turn-In

1… Every month (or more often if it helps you) you must send me an email giving me your word count. I do not want to know what you are writing, just how much. End of the year we figure it all out.

The cost is $600.

(No credit from anything, I am afraid. Can’t buy in with credit to get more credit.)

If you miss and give up at any point, you get $600 credit toward any online teaching, such as Pop-Up series or lectures or classics or lifetime workshops.

So in essence, you are buying at least $600 credit. And you get the mug and t-shirt for just giving it a shot.

If you average 2,024 words per day by the end of the year you get the following nifty awards.

  • You get your choice of any Lifetime Subscription WMG Publishing has to offer. (except the Everything Subscription.
  • You also get a BEAUTIFUL TROPHY AWARD. This trophy is a hand-blown glass float from the Oregon Coast. (Photo by Travel Oregon.)


Just for signing up and paying the fee, you get the following to help you along in your challenge:

  • You get a nifty WMG Publishing t-shirt that says “I Am Writing 2,024 Words Per Day in2024.”
  • You get a nifty WMG Publishing 15 oz mug that says “I Am Writing 2,024 Words Per Day in2024.”

(Not Everything Subscribers, sorry. But you get the beautiful trophy award if you hit it. If you sign up for the challenge as an Everything Subscriber and want the mug and t-shirt you can buy them at a discount, but the t-shirt and mug are not for sale in general. Only those doing the challenge get them. The mugs and t-shirts will never be for sale to the public.)

What are “consumable” words?

— Any fiction of any type (no requirement to publish during the challenge time)

— Any nonfiction that others will consume such as blogs, introductions to collections things like that.

— emails and comments on Facebook or blogs do NOT count.

I will also do some motivational videos at times just for fun. Not every week, but as things come up, to help you stay on pace and advice on how to catch up when falling behind.

So, in Summary…

Challenge Yourself to Write, on Average, 2,024 Words Per Day for 2024.

— Cost is $600. (The $600 gets you that much credit for anything on Teachable if you don’t hit. If you write the average of 2,024 words, you get a Lifetime Subscription of your choice and a beautiful hand-blown glass float we call the BEAUTIFUL TROPHY AWARD.

— Just for signing up, you get a WMG Publishing T-shirt with the slogan on it “I Am Writing 2,024 Words a Day in 2024.” And you get you get a WMG Publishing 15 oz mug with the slogan on it “I Am Writing 2,024 Words a Day in 2024.”

Just to keep you motivated on those dark mornings.

This is a win/win/win challenge. Jump in, should be great fun!

And yes, you can do more than one challenge at the same time. Challenge against Kris for January and against me for the entire year and then yourself. We are trying to help you get writing in 2024.

Questions, write me or ask here in the comments.