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Two Days Left… We Made the First Stretch Goal!!

Thank you, Everyone! 

North By Northwest Kickstarter…

Where you can get discounted workshops and lectures or give books to your local library or school system anywhere in the country.

We made our first stretch goal. So cool!

And if you get a regular workshop through the Kickstarter, you also get a classic workshop for free.

But what I love about this project is the ability to help out your local school or library.

So Two Days!! Don’t miss this one. Check it out right here…


And yes, I am still working on my 67 challenge. Slow at the moment which was completely expected when I set this up. I am actually over ten books now, but want to show you the video I did for #7.


  • Rod Moore

    Looking forward to you getting back to writing Dean. I had taken an eighteen month break from writing (self doubts, didn’t think I was good enough etc), but started again on the 2nd Jan. Every day I since I have kept my daily writing quota, and more importantly checked back here to be inspired by your daily writing numbers. Good thing is I am learning patience 🙂

    Was glad to hear in your video you were heading towards a big writing spring and summer. Look forward to it.

    One of the major things I have learnt from you is the challenges. I am now on Day 17 of a 30 Day Novel Writing Challenge which I set up for myself inspired by previous challenges of yours. Definitely works to keep me focused. To keep me accountable I have been blogging about it and sharing blog on FB so it keeps me accountable.

    Looking forward to seeing your daily word counts once more.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, almost back. Stay tuned as I fire up the numbers again just for fun. And Rob, well done! Great streak going on there. Keep having fun.