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Three Days Left

North By Northwest Kickstarter…

Where you can get discounted workshops and lectures or give books to your local library or school system anywhere in the country.

We are within $200 of our stretch goal. And if you get a regular workshop through the Kickstarter, you also get a classic workshop for free.

But what I love about this project is the ability to help out your local school or library.

So Three Days!! Don’t miss this one. Check it out right here…

And on that note, one more time…how about the nifty video we have on the site about the project and our bookstore. I was in there a lot over the last two days and I love the place. Cool pictures of the place in this.


Sorry I don’t have a longer post, but if you had as much reading as I do to finish tonight, you wouldn’t write much either. (grin)