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Two Bundles With

I Have Stuff in Two Different Storybundles Right Now…

In the Adventure SF bundle I actually have a Thunder Mountain novel, a collection I edited, and  the cover story in Writers of the Future #35. How fun is that?

And the bundle is ending in just over a day!!!

So don’t miss this one, for no other reason than to get Snot-Nosed Aliens Anthology from Pulphouse. Stories in there are as fun as they sound. And a Thunder Mountain novel from me and a Retrieval Artist novel from Kris. And, oh yeah, a bunch of other great sf writers like Kevin J. Anderson and Rick Wilber to name just two. Great fun!!

The second bundle I have something in is The Write Stuff 2020 which is a bundle of nine writing books and one $50 lecture that I did.  Wow is there some great advice in this one. So grab it before it vanishes as well.