Tough to Take a Day Away

Especially in this Covid World…

Just can’t get up and go somewhere, to a show, to a restaurant for a nice dinner. All of us are in the same fix.

But today I just wanted to get away, so as best as I could I only spent three or four hours at this computer today. Doing some email, some projects, things like that.

Took a bunch of naps, watched the fantastic back nine on the PGA Championship, worked a little down in the new office on shelving digest magazines, but after a bit that felt like too much work, so I stopped even that.

I went and got some pizza, my only moment out of the building.

Kris and I watched a really fun time-loop movie and then another show. I did some steps for exercise.

And now, as my last chore on this day off, I am doing this blog because, you know, streak…

Stunning that even on a day off in this new world, I still end up at the computer working almost a half day. I got to learn to really stop someday, after this Covid thing is in the past.