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Packing Boxes…

Movers Coming on Friday…

And furniture and books and shelves are leaving two condos and going upstairs into one far larger condo. The thing is so large and has such spectacular views, we will have three living room sets of furniture.

For two people.

And my new office and Kris’s new office both have views hard to imagine. But we will suffer through. (grin)

And on Friday, after the movers leave, the two boys from Promotion Central meet their new co-worker. She has been here in my office on the ground floor since she joined up and I can tell you that she is a love, a lap cat, and a kitten full of energy. Plus she might be the smartest cat we have ever had. The boys will not know what hit them. (grin)

And she loves hard boiled eggs. I damn near died last night trying to protect my hard boiled egg. (grin)

Only news I have is that the awards and stretch rewards for THE CHASE Kickstarter have gone out today. Check your spam filter if you don’t see it at first. After that write Josh at

Now off to pack more books. Actually, I think right now I’ll pack some of my marble collection. Two days to the big move.



  • Linda Niehoff

    That final shot in the Macguffin Pop-up of you and the kitten was just precious! Sorry if that’s a spoiler for anyone else 😉 She looks so lovey. Also that workshop was incredible – I’m planning on listening to it again at least one more time. Really, really helpful!