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Time Travel Bundle

Great Fun!!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I love time travel, and all the different aspects of it. And my Thunder Mountain series is my favorite series to write.

Right now I am in a time travel Storybundle with my novel Warm Springs. And there are some great novels in there, as well as a couple collections and three books that are exclusive only to the bundle. Only 10 days left, so don’t miss this one. You can get a bunch of books for very little cash and help a great charity in the process.

Storybundle Time Travel Bundle

And you want to see how I handle depth, for those taking the depth workshop, go to the bundle and click on my book and the opening of the first chapter is there.


This is basically an advent calendar for fiction. A new and original holiday short story delivered to you every day from November 26th through January 1st. Right now we are doing a Kickstarter campaign to get people to join up and it is doing great, already past the first stretch goal in three days, now working on the second.

Check it out, some great reading. And when we get to the second stretch goal, everyone will get a holiday ghost and Poker Boy novel from me that I found great fun to write. Link is…

WMG Holiday Spectacular 2020

And don’t forget that is the only place to sign up for the How to Write a Holiday Crime Story special workshop.


  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Just got this one. Anyway, as good a place as any to thank you for apparently doing for me what a year and half of therapy couldn’t, that is, get over the “fear” of putting the first word on paper. I read “Writing into the dark”, “Writing a novel in seven days” and a few Thunder Mountain novels, all in the last week, plus countless hours spent on your blog. Like I said, I went to therapy for this shit and didn’t do what this week of intense Dean Wesley Smith training did 🙂 On November 1st I will start writing into the dark. So thank you.

    • dwsmith

      More than welcome. Now just remember to keep it fun. Nothing important, just go have fun and you will do great.

      • Mihnea Manduteanu

        Now make no mistake, dfear is still there, but now I see how simple and fun and non life and death (as my anxiety prone and diagnosted self would always see it) is. It can be just fun and making stuff up with. Took a while for me to understand. Will let you know how it goes…