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Three Updates…

Three Important Projects Going…

I almost need the cats from Kris’s promotion central on Facebook to help with this, but sadly at this time of the night they are all asleep.

— First Project, last night I talked about the six new and really fun In-Person and Study Along workshops Kris and I are going to do starting in March 2022 and going until January 2023. And that we also cancelled the Anthology workshop because of Covid. All the details are in the last post. And the six workshops all have lots of spots left as well as the Study Along workshops for all six.

In interested in the In-Person Vegas workshops, write me directly. If you want the Study Along, just sign up on Teachable.

Last night’s post for all the Information.

— Second Project, Kris did a really nifty Cat book bundle with that I not only have a novella in, but I edited a collection of cat stories and helped Kris edit another. You can get all ten books for $15 and if you love cat stories, you will love this.

Get it here and see all the nifty books. It only has ten days left.

— Third Project, the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021 Kickstarter campaign only has four days left. And wow is there a lot of great things in this one. Plus we are well on our way to the sixth stretch goal and I think if we get lucky and people pass the word, we have an outside shot of hitting the seventh. That means lots of great reading for readers and a bunch of great classes for writers.

So please help us pass the word. You can see it here. Remember, only four days left.

Wow, a lot going on at the moment.

Some art for two of the projects and the reason the cats aren’t helping me.