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Gaining Quickly on Stretch Goal #6

Three Days to Go…

I’m betting we will hit the 6th stretch goal shortly and have a decent run at the 7th.

The sixth stretch goal adds in a really fun book of holiday stories from Pulphouse called JINGLE MY BELLS. I am so going to love editing that one.

And it also adds in a Pop-Up class for writers called “Can I Sell Without Promotion.”

So the countdown is on to the end of this. Three days left. Pass the word if you can so we can maybe get to that really cool seventh stretch goal. And give Pulphouse Fiction Magazine a great boost into the year ahead.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021 Kickstarter campaign.


  • Philip

    I’m so impressed how well you’ve done with Kickstarter campaigns. It shows how this new world of publishing can open so many more streams of income and opportunity areas in interacting with your audience. In the last five years, your Kickstarter projects have brought almost $385,000 in revenue, which is $75,000/year. And this is just ONE stream of income. Doesn’t include any royalties, licensing, classes, etc. Meanwhile, you can bust your back for 5 years to get a single traditional book publishing deal to only make $5,000 ONCE.

    • dwsmith

      Philip, actually quite a bit more than that because of all the extras and side stuff we also do that most don’t see.

      And yup, traditional publishing is just a joke these days, but sadly a joke so many writers can’t escape in their own minds.