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There Will Be A Sixth Book!

…Of Science Fiction Short Stories…

That’s right, we hit the 5th stretch reward in Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Campaign, so Kris and I are now putting together the sixth book of science fiction short stories. 120 stories now in a six volume set.

Everyone will get the sixth volume in electronic form, but if you want the first five, you need to pick that reward or add them to another reward.

And if you are getting the original five in trade paper, we will send you a sixth trade paper without any extra cost and if your reward is the signed/limited hardbacks, we will send you a sixth signed/limited hardback without extra cost. After all, if you are getting the full set, you need to get the full set, now six books.

That’s a lot of science fiction short stories. 60 of mine, 60 of Kris’s. (And yes I am going to include “In the Shade of the Slowboat Man,” even though it is a vampire story, but it was on the Nebula ballot for the best science fiction story of the year, so that counts. (grin))

Still time to jump into this campaign. About 30 hours or so, actually. With five stretch rewards hit, everyone will get six extra books, and there are four different writer’s classes as well, worth $600 alone.

And two special workshops as well you can only get through the campaign for another 30 hours.

So you want some good science fiction reading from two masters of the genre, this is the place to get it.

Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Campaign