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Only Hours Left in Colliding Worlds Kickstarter!

Ends Today (Thursday) at 5 pm West Coast Time!

This Colliding Worlds Kickstarter campaign hit all five stretch goals, so wow are all backers going to get a lot of cool stuff. Including a sixth volume of Colliding Worlds.

The extras above the reward you pick includes six books of science fiction, two Classic Workshops and two Pop-Up classes.

Also this is the last few hours to get the two special science fiction writing workshops. They are only offered through this campaign.

How to Write Science Fiction Short Stories. 

How to Write About the Vastness of Space.

Both workshops are three weeks long, each cost $150, and you can write a science fiction short story for the third assignment that Kris and I will read.

Your choice of taking the two workshops are March 2nd and April 6th. They will not be offered for sale after this campaign closes, so only a few hours to jump into them.

So don’t miss this one!!  Last few hours.

Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Campaign.



For those of you in the Shared Worlds class, the Cave Creek novel Card Sharp Silver is now there for you to read in proof form. You should have gotten an email from me today telling you it is there, along with instructions and two new videos in the class. If you did not, check your spam filter. And if not there, make sure you are opted in for emails on Teachable.

Finally, after a year, you all will be writing next week. Get the novel read.