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The New Diving Novel Kickstarter

Almost At the Next Stretch Goal

The New Diving Novel Kickstarter came close and backed away and now is close again. And this third stretch goal gets another book for all backers, plus another fun workshop on writing science fiction.

One thing that is really cool is the full set of all Diving Universe books is available in electronic, paper, or hardbacks. Wow, would this be a fantastic set on your shelves.

And there are so many other great rewards, and no matter the reward you take, you get the new book.

So take a look at the Kickstarter for the New Diving Novel, The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades. This novel, in my opinion, is a master work by Kris. She might be the only person who has the skills to write a courtroom legal science fiction thriller. Just amazing.

Here is the cool image of all the Diving Universe Books.