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Last Day!!!


This is a great bundle folks. Kris put this one together and it has ten amazing books in it. (Yes, I am calling my novel CARD SHARP SILVER amazing. It is in my opinion.(grin)) But all the others are amazing as well.

Three of the books are original to the bundle. And it has one more day and then it will vanish forever!!

Here is what Kris said about the bundle after she put it together…

The Fantasy Steampunk Bundle – curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

The best steampunk gives us fantasy with an attitude and weird mechanical somethings or other. When we expect magic, we get machines. When we expect machines, we get magic. Sometimes we get both at the same time. We called this StoryBundle Fantasy Steampunk because most of the stories here are either steampunk, fantasy with steampunk elements, or fantasy that feels like steampunk.

The bundle includes three books exclusive to the bundle, all of them brand-new. The Victorians make a big appearance here, although we also have a story set in the Old West during the Victorian Era. A touch of H.G. Wells (the original steampunk writer) and some Orcs working in the Motor City, which, even though it’s set during Prohibition, feels steampunk to me..

Lots of great reading and, if you so choose, one really great charity to support—all for as little as $20.

You can grab this bundle at

Worth the $20 bucks or more for the great reading. And remember, last day!!