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Almost March

Fun New Classes Starting In March!!

The big one is the nine-week Advanced Character Development class in the advanced series. This will be on the same level as Advanced Pacing. Expect to really stretch yourself. And get better and deeper and richer characters when you are finished. I’m excited about this one.

And you can still get all six of the Advanced Classes, since we will make sure there will be a time to take them all again down the road if you missed one or two this year.

Go directly to Teachable to look for them.


Four different nine-week collection classes also start in March. You write five stories and put them together into a collection with me helping you along the way.  All are themed and fun. The four classes starting in March are:

  • Creatures Themed Collection Class
  • Spies Themed Collection Class
  • Heroes and Heroines Themed Collection Class
  • Fantasy Themed Collection Class

You can get them one at a time or get all six for either the first year, second year, or this third year of classes. And note: If you turn in all nine assignments on time, you get a $150 value Pop-Up of your choice as a bonus. And, of course, you have a new book published.

The Regular Workshop Classes will be up in a few days. Stay tuned.


We have four different challenges that last a year that you can sign up for on Teachable.

You can challenge yourself to the following…

  • One short story a week for a year.
  • One novel every two months for a year.
  • One Novella every month for a year.
  • Publish one major book every month for a year. (Included collections and novellas)

You sign up and if you hit the challenge, you get a lifetime subscription of your choice. If you miss during the year, you get the amount you paid for the challenge back in workshop credit. So only a win on these. And March is a great time to start any of the challenges. One year from now you will be very glad you did.


Don’t forget the really nifty Fantasy Steampunk Storybundle is going to end soon. Some fantastic reading in this one. You can find it at


  • Liz

    Hi Dean, have you guys announced which classic workshops (if any!) you’ll be bringing back for March? I should’ve got in on the Power Words class!